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PantaGlass associates with Heraclitus “Panta Rhei” meaning “Everything flows and changes – nothing remains still”. This embodies that PantaGlass Technology allows for revolutionary new solutions for display covers, HMI and lenses.  A unique marriage of proven materials and leads to new solutions.



Open ways to applications with design freedom, new exciting functions and cost savings.


PantaGlass is THE new display cover that fully utilizes flexible display technologies such as OLED while maintaining key properties of traditional covers.

Abatek is offering you full professional cooperation to incorporate PantaGlass in your next project.


  • Any 3D shape of base and surface (0.3 to 5.0 mm) possible

  • High optical transmittance of light

  • Display area has anti glare and anti reflection molded into surface

  • Around display area any surface structure possible, i.e. matt, brushed, glossy, etc.

  • Around display area any colors printable on base, i.e. vast design freedom

  • Homogen material eliminates "rainbow effect"

  • No shattering in case of impact

  • Anti scratch / self healing surface

  • Excellent UV-stability (non yellowing).

  • Media resistant

  • A wide range mechanical properties, from hard to flexible (allows for OLED)

  • Assembly to display by standard Optical Bonding

  • Capacitive touch and force sensing compatible

  • Cost efficient


PantaGlass is a proprietary product of Abatek

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